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The Man @ The Counter

The Man at the Counter from Brian McAllister on Vimeo.

Comprehension Activity:


* How old was the boy at the shop?

* What was the name of the old man?

* What was his profession?


* Can you name two crimes that were committed during this movie?

* Why was the boy working at the coffee shop?


* What was the motivation behind this movie?

* How did it make you feel?

* What was the ending about?

One Response to “Reading”

  1. Joshua says:

    Connectives join 2 sentences or paragraphs together. They also show cause and result and the can add more information. They are useful in explanation texts because you can show the cause and result in it more easily. They are words like; Therefore, so, because etc.
    Eg. People gain money SO that they can buy more things.

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