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Check here for some great grammar lessons, reflections, and ideas 🙂

What did you learn in Grammar this week?

Can you provide examples of the trifecta in this clip?


30 Responses to “Grammar”

  1. Lachie says:

    Big juice orange

  2. Lachie says:

    Big juicy orange

  3. Ben says:

    2. I saw orange oranges getting poured.
    Silver sharp knifes were in the film.
    Charging a black iPhone

    1. I learnt when you use brackets.

  4. Jack says:

    My trifectors are:
    Blazing hot fire
    Falling orange oranges
    By: jack

  5. Queeneth says:

    Washing sharp knife

  6. Victor says:

    Big juicy oranges and girl sharpening knife.

  7. Queeneth says:

    I learnt about everything you need to make an awesome paragraph

  8. Holly says:

    I learnt in grammar that not every information text has all the things that we use at school but most of them do.

    A trifecta from the video is drying a sharp knive.

  9. Dante says:

    1. Sharpening Blunt Knife
    2. Squeezing juicy orange
    3. Falling Black Small Cylinders

    In grammar this week i learnt what a Trifecta is and there are always tons of trifectas everywhere.

  10. Euan says:

    Thirsty interested lady.

  11. Ross says:

    In grammar this week we learnt what a trifecter is.
    Big soft orange bing sliced.

  12. Euan says:

    sharpening blunt knife
    powered flat iPhone

    In grammar this week we learnt a bit more about adjectives nouns and verbs.

  13. Maddz says:

    I learnt more about information texts!

    Nice girl sharpening!
    Orange juicy oranges!
    Black iPhone recharging!

  14. Lachie says:

    In grammar I learnt about adjectives, verbs and nouns.

  15. Victor says:

    In grammar I learnt that a paragraph is one idea.

  16. Nathan says:

    we learnt that I takes about 2300 orange slices to charge an iPhone. Small orange oranges/ sharp silver knife

  17. Ash says:

    Cutting juicy oranges. I learnt that different types of grammar stuff is every where, just about.
    Welding black cylinders.

  18. NANTHAN says:

    The words we learnt were verbs, nouns and adjectives. A verb is a action word, a noun is name, place or thing and a adjective is a discribing word.

    A big brown bag in a house and there are oranges poring out of the bag.

  19. Millie says:

    I learnt what trifectas are.
    Here are some trifectas: round orange orange rolling,sharp silver knife slicing and heaps of sliced oranges charging.

  20. Joshua says:

    1. I learnt when to use brackets (things that are not essential). I also learnt simple sentences have one idea and compound sentences are two ideas.

    2. Sharp cutting knife.
    Sliced Orange oranges.
    Clear pouring water.

  21. Imy says:

    I learnt to put Nouns Adjectives and Verbs in a sentence together.

    The trifectas are:
    washing juicy oranges.
    Sharp knife cutting.

  22. Shay says:

    Big orange oranges
    Sharp silver knife
    In grammar I learnt about compound sentences.

  23. bre0003 says:

    My trifectas are

    1) rolling wet oranges .
    2) orange wet oranges.

    I learnt in grammar this week that a trifecta is sentence with a noun a verb and an adjective

  24. Izabelle says:

    This week in grammar we learnt about adjectives, nouns and verbs.
    Here is an egzample of a trifactor witch is an adjective a noun and a verb combined.

    Juicy oranges falling and falling juicy oranges

    By izzy

  25. Cleo says:

    I learnt that a noun is a person,place or thing.
    I bet that it doesn’t take 2,000 oranges to charge an IPhone.

  26. Jack says:

    I learnt how nouns verbs and adjectives can go together .

    By jack

  27. tho0015 says:

    Q.1 What did you learn in Grammar this week?
    A.1 Compound sentences.

    Q.2 Can you provide examples of the trifecta in this clip?
    A.2 big brown oranges getting cut in half’s to quarters.
    Fat woman cutting fat brown oranges.
    Bright orange oranges charging thin iPhone 4.

  28. India says:

    What did you learn in grammar this week?
    I learnt that a preposition is a start of a phrase.

    Can you provide examples of the trifecta in this clip?
    The lady is sticking things in to the medium size orange oranges.

  29. Hunter says:

    Trifectas are:
    Washing metal knife
    Cutting orange fruit

    We lean’t what a verb noun and adjective is.

  30. Tasman says:

    I learnt about simple sentences are .
    Video :
    Washing silver knife
    Open science page.
    Pull brown draw
    Chop juicy orange.
    Wind the tube
    Slice watery orange

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