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Have a great trip Alannah! Mr Scott and 5S

16 Responses to “Alannah”

  1. Alannah says:

    Thank you guys for making this blog! I ❤ it, today’s Friday and I’m leaving on Monday miss you all☺

  2. Alannah says:

    Hey, right now I’m eating Maccas in Dubai it’s 5:45 in the morning!

  3. Alannah says:

    Hey, right now I’m eating Maccas in Dubai it’s 5:45 in the morning!

  4. Alannah says:

    I have spent 7 hours in a plane to get to Singapore and another 7 hours to get to Dubia which I am in now and we need to stay here for 5 hours until the next plane arrives then that will make an extra 7 hours to get to London

  5. Holly says:

    Hi AJ we miss you heaps!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MrScott says:

    Hey Alannah, sounds like you are having a great adventure already. How cool was that pic with the Euros!
    We are winding up for the Term and looking forward to holidays.

    Bye for now. Mr Scott

  7. sto0009 says:

    Hi Alannah,it’s India hope you are having a great time traveling,see you in six weeks,BY!!!!

  8. Alannah says:

    Hello, right now it is Eatser I only got 2 little eggs and 1 big egg. Now my family and I are cleaning up so we can hop on the hi-speed train to get to France, Parice. It will take approximately 2 and a half hours to get to Parice.

  9. Millie says:

    Hi AJ! I hope you have a good time on te cruse for your birthday. I hope you get all the presents that you wanted!
    Best wishes,Millmill!:-). ;-)!

  10. Alannah says:

    Oh thanks Millie, right now I’m in Germany and we are staying in a hotel right next to this awesome best ever theme park! and I have now been on 15 loops on rollacousters and I have been on the 2nd tallest rollacouster in the world. It was crazy fun

  11. Alannah says:

    Hello 5S,

    I am at a new hotel in Innsbruck Austria and we have got a really nice veiw of snow on mountains.

    Yesterday (Thursday 11th of April) i was at the other hotal and we got another nice veiw of snow on mountains and on that mountain we got a veiw of we found the Neuschwanwestein Castle and the other castle for his parents.


  12. Alannah says:

    Sorry i didn’t finish that so heres the rest,

    After we went to the Neuschwanwestein Castle my family and i went on a bridge to get great pictures of the Castle and snow was EVERYWHERE we went so we all made snowballs and threw them at a tree or at eachother and thats all mainly but when we were walking to the car i made a really nice love-heart out of snow but i threw it at a tree:P

  13. Alannah says:

    Today is my birthday! YAY and another great thing about today is that i am in katakolon and so i went to the first olympic stadium that started in 744 thats the year not even in the thousends so thats awesome. A couple days ago i went to a cematery in Venice, Italy and i saw a 1 year old girl that died in 73 not in hundreds nor thousands

  14. Alannah says:

    I am now in rome in italy our hotel is great because of where we are staying. What the most awesome part of why i am happy of where the hotel is, is that the colasiom is not even a 1 min walk and theres heaps of restarounts around us and suivanier shops and cute little car and right behind the hotel is the most famouse gelati in the world. But the bad thing is that on the side of our hotel is all drunk teens smashing botles after they drank it and this is all at 1 in the morning

  15. Alannah says:

    Today we thought it was going to be a normal day until we got dropped off from the hop on and hop off bus at the vatican which where the pope lives but he comes out every Wednesday and we didn’t know that and so we saw the pope and he blessed the whole audience and he got so close to where we were standing.

  16. Alannah says:

    Thank you for teaching us Spanish because last night we were buying a flying toy thing and i asked if he had the colour pink and he didnt understand me so i tried pink in spanish so i said again ” Have you got one coloured rosa?” And he understood me so i have only used 1 word of Spanish and im coming back in a couple of days but warning you i would be SUPER tired! Zzzzzzz

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