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Writing Prompt #4

on August 17, 2013


4 Responses to “Writing Prompt #4”

  1. bre0003 says:

    What happens when the peg brakes?
    One day the peg will brake sending all the land to the crust of the earth leaving the land to burn setting fire to our earth, as our earth would become a burning world as all of the dusty old wooden houses would burn down.

  2. Ash says:

    What would happen if the peg broke?
    What would happen is that the ground would send a shock wave through the ground disrupting everything,a couple days later the ground would brake apart and consume and burn everthing. A week later the Earth would explode.

  3. tho0015 says:

    Well, the peg is holding the Earth ( for those who don’t know ).
    Now to my thought:
    If the peg did break Earths core would act like a void, or a black hole. The gravity in Earths atmosphere would suck the moon in, the moon would then corse a Earth quake, exploding the planet.
    The pieces of the peg will be floating in the solar system, crashing into the planets and make them bigger ( I-10 meters bigger ).

  4. Euan says:

    What Happens When The Peg Brakes?

    When the peg brakes a raging earthquake will sweep the land and leave houses and homes in terror. On the other side of the World a sinkhole will appear and swallow buildings whole. When the Earth goes in terror all people around the area will be evacuated and put in a safe place. The pegs debris will go flying and hit planes on the way to foreign countries. Many feats and explosions will appear and this will be the worse than all the earthquakes that have happened in china and Japan all put together. All the rescue services will be working nonstop for over 30 Years to repair buildings and restore Earth to its natural order.

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