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Ted Talk Friday

on June 14, 2013

17 Responses to “Ted Talk Friday”

  1. Cleo says:


  2. Alex says:

    The most amazing thing is that they go with you and do amazing tricks.

  3. Cleo says:

    That was really cool and amazing.did those guy that were behind the curtain controlling the quads.if I was in California I would buy it.

  4. India says:

    I thaught that cockroach beatbox was very interesting because when he cut of the wings it still flew so that was pretty cool.

  5. kit00020 says:

    It was amazing when the cockcroachs leg twitched to the music and the beat boxing.

  6. Jack says:

    What I think was interesting. is that when you stick pins in a cockroach leg and send electricity into it it will move.
    The quadro copters were really cool because they work with two blades. And they can balance a pole and a drink

  7. Ben says:

    I thought the quad copter was very interesting how the copter would be able to fly by his command. I liked how the copter balanced the stick and water. It was so unbelievable when he made the ball come back to him. It was cool how the copters work together.

  8. bre0003 says:

    The most interesting thing was when he used his hands to fly the quad copter with his hands. I also liked when he did the juggling by throwing them up in the air and then catching them

  9. kit00020 says:

    I thought I was cool when the guy cut the cockroaches leg and when the music went on it moved. On the copter one the guy threw it and it was stile flying.

  10. Maddz says:

    I thought it was interesting and very mathematic.I wonder if in the future they will get bigger and people will ride on them.I thought it was interesting that it could defy gravity.The quadro copter was awesome and I really really want one.

  11. Holly says:

    The talk was about 3 quatrocopter and how they work. They are really cool and they can balance a glass of water on them without it spilling! They can save lives because they have really good aim and can hold a sky net up. I hope we have them in the future so every child won’t be complaining and they will just play with their quatrocopter. Imagine how much easier the future would be.

  12. Hunter says:

    The cockroach beatbox was interesting I was amazed when the leg moved when music was played, and then the guy came in beat boxing.

    The quad copters was awesome my favorite part was when the guy cut the wings off and it still flew.

  13. tho0015 says:

    I think that Garry’s fav video would be the flying droid one, because he’s always wanted to fly in the sky. And I thought the flying droid one was very interesting when it could balance everything, there’s Garry’s ride home! The Flying droid with 2 of the wings off, It looked like a UFO!

  14. Ash says:

    I wonder how they mange to calculate all the different moves and the reflectors type things.
    I also wonder how they mange to manufacture the quadro drones and how complex is it?

  15. dye0002 says:

    I thought it was interesting the way the guy played music and the cockroach leg moved. I wonder what would happen if you played the music full blast. With the quadro copter one I liked how when the guy moved around in front of the kinect how the quadro copters moved. I wonder what would happen if you instead of a ping pong ball you threw a football at it.

  16. Millie says:

    Cockroach beatbox
    I don’t know why the guy could not have used one the antennas for the experiment because they pick sound waves and motion waves.But otherwise it was really interesting.The part I liked the most was when the man plugged his iPod into the cockroach and the leg started going up and down.That ted talk was awesome.Millie.

  17. tho0015 says:

    This is victors comment. Cockroach beatbox and quad copters.

    Cockroach beatbox.
    The interesting thing about the TED talk was that the hair sends electric signals to the brain. The cockroach leg was dancing to the music coming from the iPod and a bit to a person doing a beatbox sound. The electric signals coming from the hairs come to the brain so it scuttles away before you are seen.
    Quad copters.
    It was interesting because it worked without two wings. The play station thing made the guy look like though he was using the force to move the quad copters. I found interesting that the quad copters flew without the help of a human being.

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