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Writing Prompt – May

on May 26, 2013

19 Responses to “Writing Prompt – May”

  1. Tasman says:

    I walk down the stairs I find a portal that has gold all around it, it’s brighter then the sun and some person was standing next to it and it was Cleo!she smiled and said “it’s awesome she yelled” and did her jumper dance!Then suddenly a black hole appeared in thin air Cleo suddenly said ” but that is no let’s get into that portal” so we ran in …….

  2. Ben says:

    She walked down the steps. It was 12am on the 20th of August. There she was, at her aunties house because her parents had died. It was very dark and cold. It was her 16th birthday today. What would she find down the stairs? She stared at something that was glowing. She shone it with her torch. It looked like a chest. She walked up to the chest as she saw a lock. It looked like the same shape of the key her mum and dad had given her. She grabbed the key and unlocked the chest and in it was gold, diamonds and jewels. There was a note sitting on top. It said:
    Dear Anne,
    This chest is for you when you turn sixteen. This is all yours now and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of your life.
    From Mum and Dad.

  3. Victor says:

    Why was there a secret door in the back of her closet? Why had it just opened? And what could possible be … down the steps? Maybe it’s a family secret. Victor walked around and found a torch. Then he went down and shone the torch. It was a dark cave and there in front of him was a chest. Then he noticed keys hanging. Grabbing the keys he opened the chest and found a code.

  4. bre0003 says:

    He walked down the steps wondering what could be down there? Then he finally reached the bottom of the steps and he saw a big dark black room where a lot of his old things were. But then he walked round a corner and saw a very bright light with a chest on the floor he opened the chest and found a golden AFL footy signed by his favourite team.

  5. Imy says:


  6. Hunter says:

    What was down the stairs? It was an ant! Not just any ant, a terrifically microscopic ant that she squashed when she was looking for the real monster that was in her kitchen eating last nights pizza!!! The pizza was on special so it’s basicly worthless, yet she hopes the terrible monster didn’t eat the pizza because she was going to have it for breakfast the monster had now finished eating and now was drinking coke that came with the pizza now she saw the monster IT WAS PIGMAN!!

  7. Jack says:

    Why was there a secret door in the back of the closet because here closet was magic why had it just opened because it had a life of its own and it knew she was the right person to deserve it and what was down the stairs there was a maze a bunch of contest and at the end of the contests there was a room and in the middle of it was a piece of gold diamonds and gemstones all melted into the piece of gold and it was the size of a truck at least

  8. Ross says:

    He walked down the stairs the floor creeked and cracked every step and then boo a man jumped out from the darkness. He felt a warm an slimey hand reach over and grab his hand and with a sharp tug on his arm he was forced to the ground and then boom he woke up and relised he was dreaming. The end

  9. Nathan says:

    I walked down the stairs and sore a flower doing gymnastics then it played baseball tennis and soccer i was amassed at the start but then it got bored so I walked back up the stairs. I bought plane tickets to the US and caught the first flight.i went to Disney world. I went to a pet shop and bought a chinchilla. Then I went to look for a burger shop.they sold lovely burgers and they even sold leprechauns. It was time for Me to leave but I didn’t want go home so I decided I would live in Africa I also bought tickets for my friend Tas. We went hippo caching. I caught a baby hippo and I found a fluffy lamb that was purple so I called it pumpkin.then I built a zoo and it was wonderful it is a land mark to this very day it has moshlings,chocolate bunnies,elephants,leprechauns,Pegasus,unicorns,pandas,and we got a present from Santa that’s right Santa and you wouldn’t believe what he gave us.he gave us he’s very own special baby Rudolf. When we had finished with our zoo we started building are house we had two pet rooms one for the chinchilla and one for my cat Simon. In the end my house looked like this

  10. Rhian says:

    And you find expensive shoes and clothes you try everything on then just as you start to walk up the steps you see a ……

  11. Shay says:

    I walked down the stairs and I saw the back of a cuprbord I walked around and saw that there was an opening i whent in nice and slow then saw…..

  12. Ash says:

    When she reached the bottom there was a massive underground factory which belonged to her Dad and it was manufactoining weapons for war, she was so disgraced at her Dad for lying to her and horrified.

  13. bre0003 says:


    Why was there a secret door at the back of her closet?Why had it just opened? And what could possibly…down the steps?

    I think that you just came back from the footy and you have your richmond clothes on and everything and the closet it saw that you were a fan of richmond so it lets you in and then you see all of the richmond players and its got posters and even the football they played with and jumpers and all of their favourite things.

  14. Maddz says:

    A girl was walking down the steps she was getting more and more anxious each step she took, when she got to the bottom she saw a old shaggy looking man,when and he was saying something like there’s a horrible place after you get through the maze, but no one had ever actually been there but she wasn’t afraid,so she turned the corners and got through the maze when she saw a lovely looking world that was filled with bronze horses,silver horses.When suddenly out popped a shiny gold horse.She was really excited and she jumped on she was riding for what felt like hours.Suddenly she heard her very faintly saying its dinner time so she jumped up and ran as fast as she could through the maze and up the stairs all the way to the kitchen where her family was waiting to start there fest.

    The end!

  15. kit00020 says:

    What was down there the stairs he saw a black door and he could here music he opened the door and there was dancing cows in flat hats and gold chains dancing and standing up on 2 legs.

  16. Euan says:

    Down the stairs was a big huge room with lasers coming from the walls and a portal the size of a chimpanzee. She walked up the the portal and the lasers on the walls stopped her as she got zapped by one of them, to get passed them she did limbo like a cat burglar and rolled threw the portal to a world she realised as The End.

  17. Joshua says:

    Down the steps was a mega chicken flapping about. She held on to the tail feathers and the chicken started to fly. The chicken flew to the bottom of the earth’s crust. It was boiling there but there was some mega baby chickens there. One of the chicks was wandering off. The girl jumped on the that mega chick’s tail and it flew off back to her house. ‘FOOD!’ She screamed as the huge baby chicken pooped on the floor. She scooped up the droppings and she froze it. She then ate it like ice cream.

  18. Holly says:

    Slowly, she creeps down into the dark and smelly room, it was all an old and mouldy room that smelt horrible. Then she saw a really old, mouldy, brown, smelly and clogged TOILET!!! Then, she saw a really clean light brown string rope. So she decided to pull it, the next thing you know there was a hole in the floor, then a minute later she heared a massive crash from the bottom of the whole! So she looked down, but she couldn’t see anything. Then she saw a clean, white door with a silver handle with a lion on it. So, very slowly, she opened the white door and……their was a room with a white, beautiful snow leopard, stuck, in an old, mouldy, smelly, discussing room. The leopard in was tied to a clean, silver chain. Next to it on a tiny dirty wooden table, was a gold chainsaw with a dimond blade. So she set the defenceless leopard off of the chain and kept it as her pet, she also kept tht the gold chainsaw with the dimond blade.

  19. sto0009 says:

    She walked down the stairs at 4.00 in the morning in the deep pitch black like she was one million miles under water nothing,as she walked down the stairs each step she lay her foot on made a croaky noise ,she was as Shepard as a little mouse in front of a killer dog.then she heard a noise like a door opening really slowly,she shone her touch around and felt a slight breeze coming from under the fireplace that never got put on she shone her torch on it,there was a whole under it she moved away the fire wood from the fire place and crept down it as quietly as a mouse,when she got to the bottom she shone her torch around and there right in the middle of the wall was a gigantic wooden old closet it was as Tall as the roof ,she slowly put her hand on the large ,round wooden door handle and there were incredibly big Coates she moved away the coats and there again was another door but there was a light shining out from under the door she again opened the door and there was a extremely bright light shining from a gigantic, leather chest she shone her torch on the chest ,she was unshor to open the chest,then she started slowly walking towards the chest,she paused right in front of it her hand was trembling when as she was reaching towards the chest,she put her hand on it and slowly and carefully opened the lid and right in front of her eyes there was the most shinny, bright and beautiful jewellery,diamonds and jewels.

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